Data defines the model by dint of genetic programming, producing the best decile table.

SAS Code for INPUT and PUT Functions
Bruce Ratner, PhD

/*** In my beginning years, I always stumbled with two SAS functions, INPUT and PUT.
And, I always misplaced my notes about these zing-zang cousins.
I have created this page for all my SAS colleagues, beginners and others, which include me.
The following code is taken from SAS Global Forum 2012 *** /

/**** INPUT function ***/ 

data _null_;
char_date   = "9/15/2004";
char_num  = "123";
SAS_Date  = input(char_date, mmddyy10.);
Number     = input(char_num,10.);
put SAS_Date = Number =; /* see SAS log */

/**** PUT function***/

data _null_;
SAS_Date    = 1;
Number       = 1234;
SS_num      = 123456789;
Char_Date   = put(SAS_Date,mmddyy10.);
Money        = put(Number, dollar8.2);
SS_char      = put(SS_num,ssn.);
put Char_date = Money =  SS_Char=; /* see SAS log */ 

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